Senior fashion collection show preview

By Mackenzie Dineen – 1851 Staff

Tickets are now on sale for Lasell’s Senior Fashion Show known as Runway, and this year’s senior class features 20 talented students, all with original ideas and looks. Three standout designers are Chloe Fimlaid, Rebecca Marie Douglas, and Rebekah Miller.

A dress sample from senior Rebekah Miller’s senior collection which will premiere on April 30 at the Senior Fashion Showcase. Photo by Rosemary Leger

Fimlaid will open the show with her collection inspired by global graffiti. Fimlaid aspires to create a commentary on the relationship between vandalism, and art. Her line utilizes spray paint and appealing shapes. She makes her own prints, and incorporates preexisting prints to achieve balance. While studying abroad, Fimlaid was attracted to graffiti in London, Paris, Ireland, and Italy. Fimlaid searched for something that visually appealed to her, and would sketch out ideas when she found inspiration.

Fimlaid prefers to design street wear because of its wearable and comfortable nature. She is currently interning at TJX,  in their product development department. Once she graduates from Lasell, she may begin work on another collection and plans on traveling.

Rebecca Douglas, commonly referred to  as Becca Marie, has crafted her “Chakra” collection for the senior show, inspired by the healing powers of crystals. As a child she picked up rocks along the beach with her mother, and later learned the meaning of different types of rocks.

Chakras constitute the seven main spiritual forces in the human body, and Douglas seeks to emulate that in her collection. She uses Earth chakras, and aims for an ethereal, feminine look, while maintaining strength.

She expresses that the fear of failure is what motivates her. “If I wasn’t terrified of this collection, it wouldn’t be worth it,” she said. Douglas chose to learn completely new methods of design, with the thought process of “if [she] was going to fail, [she] better do it now.”

She learned how to hand pleat, and resin casted hundreds, if not thousands, of crystals for this collection. Douglas insists on pushing herself as a part of her learning process.  She has created veils, head pieces, body suits, customized shoes, and a resin cast spine for the collection. Douglas uses stress as a tool to accomplish her goals.

“I never want to feel comfortable,” she said. “Using stress as a motivator helps one to see the world more as different opportunities rather than different obstacles.”

Douglas creates all of her own promotion, graphic design, illustration, photography, and music. Douglas also began modeling a year ago and was signed after one month. She has modeled for Lloyd Hall Designs, WAAF Boston, a King’s commercial, and various other outlets. After graduation she plans on living in Boston and seeking out a design job. “Opportunity is where you make it,” said Douglas. “Success isn’t on a map.”

Rebekah Miller, another talented senior, finds inspiration in both medieval style and futuristic designs. She has based some of her fashion on “lines and detail seen in anime and certain video games.”

Her senior collection was conceived four years ago, at her previous institution, Cedarville University. Two dresses combine to form a stained glass look, the outer dress has oval cutouts that reveal a medieval looking chemise dress.

Miller’s creative process begins by seeing something that inspires her. From there she comes up with ideas to use elements from her inspiration, and creates a sketch. She uses the sketch as a flexible model for her actual garment. Miller loves painting and art, as she enjoys creating physical, tangible objects. Her mother believed that she should become an architect or engineer. Fashion is something that combines both art and construction, while giving her the ability to compose creative designs, despite how difficult the process of creation can be.

Although Miller’s post-graduation plans mostly include sleeping, she plans on taking a year off to help her parents with their business, and to “recover from the stress of college.” If she is given an amazing job offer, her plans are subject to change.

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