Divison III sports week brings victory

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.14.29 PM.png
The men’s lacrosse team participated in the White Ribbon Campaign this year with the help of Professor Karin Raye. Photo courtesy of Bridget Delany.

Monday, April 4 to Sunday, April 10 was the first ever Divison III week held at Lasell. Hosted by the Lasell’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a student-athlete club, each day consisted of a fun activity to honor the college’s status as a DIII school. The week also celebrates the impact sports and student-athletes have on the campus and surrounding community. This national holiday is popular at many DIII schools during the week.

On Monday, there was Lasell athletics trivia on SAAC’s social media pages. Winners won sunglasses and t-shirts. On Tuesday tie dyeing was planned on the Arnow Quad, but it was postponed due to the snowy weather. On Wednesday, junior Bridget Delaney, SAAC’s co-president said, “Because of the weather not holding up, the softball game had to be canceled. However, we will still be doing social media trivia and giveaways.”

The Lasers were “throwing it back” on Thursday by hanging up old pictures of the athletic training and coaching staff in the Athletic Center.

Into the weekend, and at the end of DIII week was Professor Appreciation Day. Men’s lacrosse hosted a game at home where the seniors honored Professor Karin Raye for her contributions to the White Ribbon Campaign which the lacrosse team has been advocating for during the season.

To end the Division III celebration, SAAC hosted a student athlete pizza party with games in the Athletic Center on Sunday.

Delaney said, “Considering this was Lasell’s first DIII week, I felt like it was very successful at bringing all the different teams together to appreciate how awesome it is to play for a Division III school.”

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