Not your typical live show

By Sean McGlone – News Editor


“YUP! YUP! YUP!” chanted the crowd in the Bethany town hall in Bethany, CT on Saturday night with the headliner “The One Man Thrillride” Jimmy Preston. Northeast Wrestling (NEW)’s “Thrillride: Return of the Savage” was drawing to a close, but the energy inside the building was stronger than ever.  

The night started with Cape Cod local T.K. O’Ryan, a fan favorite, competing against Frankie Arion. The two exchanged words before the match started, TKO saying Arion “was an angry elf,” mocking his small stature. Despite the difference in size, the match was for the most part even, the two men exchanging blows until finally O’Ryan would hit his finisher and score the pinfall.

As the show continued fans were impressed by several singles matches, including Cam Zagami vs. Anthony Greene. Zagami, a cast member on Fox’s new show “American Grit” hosted by WWE superstar John Cena. As Zagami bragged to the crowd, claiming he and Cena were now best friends about his new friendship with Cena, suddenly Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” Greene’s entrance music, rang out through the speakers as he walked down to the ring. The two men, formerly tag team partners, engaged in a very physical match that saw both men fall into the crowd and Zagami be pushed into a trash can. Finally, “AmeriCAM Grit” forced Greene to submit to the STF, a signature move of Cena.

The excitement would only continue to grow though as the crowd would soon see both the tag team champions Team Friendship (Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman) and the NEW Heavyweight champion “War Beard” Hanson would both retain their titles.

The main event would feature The One Man Thrillride facing off against Lukas Sharp. This was Thrillride’s first match in months, and without a doubt it was exciting. Sharp played the perfect heel, coming out to the ring to boos from the crowd, taunting them as well as Preston. Suddenly Thrillride appeared, wearing his signature backwards white hat and sunglasses. As the crowd celebrated, Sharp gasped in shock. When the match finally started, Thrillride would sound off some of his signature catchphrases like “MMMMMMPPPPOOWWW!!!!” and “SEE YA DINK!!!” while doing his signature strut before eventually pinning Sharp for the win.

Although this was just a small show held in a town hall that was only seen by about 120 people, the atmosphere felt like it was Madison Square Garden. The amount of energy and passion shown by the athletes and the fans of Northeast Wrestling make it absolutely worth going and seeing an independent wrestling show. While you might not know most of the names of the wrestlers, you’ll be happy just watching the action and seeing what these wrestlers do for the entertainment of the fans.

Northeast Wrestling is a New York-based organization that most does shows around Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York. Chaotic Wrestling is another independent wrestling organization located primarily in Massachusetts. Anyone interested in attending a show should consider going to Chaotic’s “Chaotic Countdown” in Lawrence on May 6.

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