Skizzy Mars makes a landing in Boston

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Skizzy Mars performed at Paradise Rock Club on Wednesday, April 6. Photo by Krista DeJulio

“Boston, make some noise!” was the sentence shouted after every song at Paradise Rock Club on Wednesday, April 6. We were making noise, but opener P-Lo and headliner Skizzy Mars constantly wanted more. So we gave it to them. 

Skizzy Mars, born Myles Mills, is a notable, self-created rap and hip hop artist from Harlem, New York, who at a mere 22 years of age has collaborated with notable names like Logic, G-Eazy, and JoJo. His first EP, “The Red Balloon Project,” was released in February 2015 and received outstanding success in sales and from fans, and critics alike. His first, full-length album “Alone Together,” was released April 8.

P-Lo, a part of the rap collective “Heart Break Gang,” was rather striking as an opening act for a rap concert.

In a day and age where anyone can call themselves a rapper, this San Francisco native earned that title. He was able to get a restless crowd (who was chanting Skizzy’s name before P-Lo’s appearance) to jump and dance to his music, of which most of the crowd was unfamiliar.

P-Lo’s most notable act of the night was bringing out Boston-based rapper Gio Dee to perform Gio Dee’s most popular song “Mind Yo Business.” P-Lo quickly wrapped up his set after the guest performance and the eager crowd cheered on each performer, anxiously waiting for who they came to see.

Mills played a sold out show last April at Cambridge’s Middle East, a fairly small venue, so this year Mills earned a bigger venue and sold it out too. Skizzy Mars fans are undoubtedly loyal to him. The night of the concert was unseasonably cold, but that didn’t stop fans from waiting outside the venue for hours before the doors opened. On a warm day that would seem like nothing, but on a night as bitter cold as this, it was proof of a fan’s loyalty. Mills, mostly popular among high school and college students, was able to turn a Wednesday night that should have been spent studying, into a night where everyone felt carefree and happy.

Mills played for an hour, coming back onstage for a two-song encore, totaling 18 songs for the evening. He played his hits “The City” and “Monica” that energized and excited the crowd for what was coming. He even played a teaser from his then-unreleased album, which created a different kind of buzz within the crowd.

Mills created an experience that Wednesday night. He truly cares about his fans and what they think about him. Mills interacted with the crowd and told us about his day in Boston. He applauded Bostonians for their legendary devotion to sports and commented on all the Red Sox hats he saw that day walking around the city.

Overall, the show was great and each performer was extremely skilled. A Wednesday night spent not studying but feeling carefree and happy is a Wednesday well spent.

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