Sports radio hosts shine

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Colin Froment – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff


This semester, Lasell College Radio offers wide coverage of sports shows, including live, play-by-play coverage of Lasell sports games, and five sports talk radio shows that cover all topics in the sports world. The club offers students the opportunity to host their own show, and those like junior Nick Stasiak love the opportunity.

Stasiak hosts “Sports talk with Staz,” Monday through Thursday, from 4:00 until 5:00 p.m. The junior communications major joined the club in the second semester of  his sophomore year. “Hosting my own sports talk show is what I want to do in the future, so this is a great place to get started and practice at it,” said Stasiak.

He covers a wide range of topics in sports and enjoys the freedom he has. “I like that I can talk about whatever I want, things that are interesting to me and what I think is interesting to everyone else in sports,” said Stasiak. “I write down all the topics I want to talk about before going in. For example, if the NBA was playing I’ll mark down the key games from last night or the night of my show and then decide when I’m going to talk about each. I have the ESPN or NBA scoreboard page to reference on my laptop.”

Freshmen Remington Morris and Cameron Brennan host “Overtime Radio,” Monday to Thursday, 7:00 until 8:00 p.m., a show that won Show of the Month in October 2015. They cover mostly professional and college sports.

“We both had an interest in voicing our opinions in sports and we wanted to do it in a setting where it can be heard by others and would give us a professional feeling as well,” said Brennan, a sports communication student.

Both students went to Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick, RI and had previous experience from hosting a similar show.

A look inside Lasell College Radio, which hosts multiple radio shows, including sports talk. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald. 

Stasiak, Morris, and Brennan wish to bring their skills to a future professional career and believe that joining LCR is a great opportunity for practice. “We’re working with this equipment and it will help us transition into a radio career,” said Brennan. “Knowing how to use this technology now will certainly help us in the long run.”

Morris, a sports management student, described the relationship between their show and other sports shows on campus. “Every show has a different relationship, but we all collaborate by explaining sports on the air.”

Radio hosts are required to complete four hours per week, either four one-hour shows or two two-hour shows. They must attend club meetings four times each semester where club advisor Dr. Brian Wardyga directs students on what they need to do during their shows and also talks about upcoming events, according to Stasiak.

“Before you host your own show you have to sit in on someone else’s,” said Stasiak. “They show you how to work everything, like adjust volumes and how to put the mics on. [During our meetings] he tells us what commercials we need to play and how to transition into music and commercials so there’s no dead air.”

“I love sports and I love talking about it,” said Morris. “I just like coming in here and talking for an hour.”

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