“The Mindy Project” is back (again)

By Haleigh Santilli – Arts Editor 


She’s back and better than ever! After a three month hiatus, “The Mindy Project” is back on Hulu with fan favorite characters and punchlines. 

In the mid-season finale, Mindy Lahiri  (Mindy Kaling) recalls how she and Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) met, and contemplates breaking up with him to begin a new life for her and Leo, her son. We find her measuring her closet to see if Leo’s crib would fit in there. If it did then it was meant to be; a theory she learned from Danny when he measured his drawer to see if all her stuff would fit. If it did then it meant they were meant to be.

For two long seasons, fans swooned over Mindy and Danny’s relationship, and it was constantly a “will they, won’t they” situation. Every time there was an opening of hearts, either one would catch feelings for someone else because they were unsure of how each other felt. When Danny did proclaim his love for Mindy, and vice versa, the couple was soon pregnant and engaged. It was as if the romantic comedy heavens had opened up.

All this was why it was shocking to find out that not all was happy in paradise after Mindy gave birth in the fourth season. Fans had known for a while Danny was a bit of a traditional, grouchy older man, but simply chalked it up to his cute, old school Italian “charm.” Danny seemed to want everything his way. He wanted Mindy to be a stay-at-home mom and not return to the OBGYN practice, where they both worked.

Mindy at first was keen to take on new responsibilities, thinking it would be glamorous like the Real Housewives, but alas, it was a lot harder than she pictured.She missed being at work doing the second thing she loves most, being a doctor. Danny was no longer the man she, and the fans, thought he was, blinded by love and his entrancing smile.

The biggest question on many fans’ minds at the end of the fourth season’s midseason finale was “what was going to happen to Danny and Mindy?” Will Mindy move back into her apartment? Will she take Leo back with her? What will happen to her new practice? Will she go back to work? Will Danny finally realize that being a “traditional” family is not in the cards for them?’

After three long months, the show returned and renewed hope of the future of the fans’ favorite couple, and the fate of Mindy’s career. In the first few minutes, we find that Mindy and Danny have been trying to make it work in their relationship by going to counseling, but ultimately break up. Mindy moves out, builds Leo a room in her closet, and Danny leaves the practice. On a more positive note, Mindy’s own birthing clinic is growing even more successful.

However, that was only in the first couple minutes of the episode. Later on we learn Mindy and Danny still have feelings for each other and still sleep together on occasion, but break it off once again.

The season is looking to be the “season of Mindy” more than ever before. Mindy could become more independent than she ever was, and the show revolves more around her advancing career and motherhood…and possibly becoming super mom.

The Mindy Project previously aired on Fox but was canceled after three seasons, much to fans’ dismay. With the growing age of Internet streaming, the show was picked up for two more seasons on Hulu in 2014, giving the show and its writers more leniency as to what they could produce.

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