Ultimate Frisbee club to begin in fall

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief


As the air warms and the snow is finally gone (knock on wood), students can enjoy the outdoors when they’re not locked away in the library working on final papers and projects. Next fall, students can add ultimate Frisbee to their list of outdoor activities as freshman Carter Migre and Area Coordinator Von Purnell plan on leading an ultimate Frisbee club for all to participate in. 

“Ultimate Frisbee is great for Lasell in the sense that it builds sportsmanship and is a positive outlet for students,” said Purnell, who will be the club advisor.

The club first gained interest two years ago but it did not amount to anything until now. Migre talked to Coordinator of Student Organizations, Justin Bruce, who then talked to Purnell, and suddenly the club had new life. Migre is currently working on advertisements for the club.

“I wanted to bring ultimate to Lasell because in high school we had a club which I played on for all four years and I loved it,” said Migre. “We played other schools, were in a league and [competed in] tournaments.”

In an ultimate Frisbee game there are two teams competing head-to-head. The object of the game is to move the disc down the field (much like football) by completing passes to teammates. First possession is usually decided by the flip of a coin or Frisbee. Once a player catches the Frisbee, they can only take two steps before passing and cannot hold it longer than 10 seconds. Opposing players try to intercept the disc while the other team looks to pass it down the field and score by completing a pass in the opponent’s end zone.

“It’s really a fun, calming, connecting team sport,” said Purnell. “It’s camaraderie driven.”

Once the club is officially submitted, the next step is to draft an outline that describes what the club will do.

“Ultimate is fun for all whether wyou’re playing a competitive game or just throwing around. I missed playing so that’s why I want it here,” said Migre.

According to Purnell, the proposed club already has a nice following of students and they plan on having a booth at the fall Activities Fair next semester to gain more interest.

“I wish [the Fair] occurred more frequently,” said Purnell. “We want students to get involved in positive [activities] on campus. I’m excited for the new crop of students [next year] and giving them this outlet.”

After establishing the club on campus, the Frisbee leaders hope to take their team of students to play once a week at Russell Field in Cambridge where people interested in the sport from the Boston-area play organized games. “I wanted to bring [what I experienced in high school] here and hopefully be able to play other colleges. My goal is to become a team eventually,” said Migre.

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