Modular classrooms are current success

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Nick Stasiak along with other students head toward the modular classrooms on Grove Street.

A new school year brings a new look to campus as construction continues in the area that the Wass and Wolfe buildings previously occupied. A total of four Climate Controlled Modular units have been installed on campus, two on the Grove Street parking lot area and two on the Maple Terrace parking lot area. Each contain eight classrooms with additional bathroom facilities.

Although the modular units are temporary, most professors and students alike prefer them over classrooms in Wass or Wolfe.

“I like these classrooms better than those of Wass and Wolfe,” said senior Communication student James Payne. “But I have high expectations for the new buildings even though I won’t be able to experience them.”

“I much prefer these than the old classrooms in Wolfe,” said Professor of Social Sciences Tessa Leroux. “I’ve taught in these type of classrooms in elementary schools in the past and it was awful, but these are much better,” added Professor Leroux.

“The carpet floors make for much better sound. I know they worked really hard to get these done and I think they did a remarkable job preparing them.”

“These are better than the classrooms in Wass,” said senior Communication student Nick Stasiak. “The temperature is much more comfortable, the only thing I don’t like is the walk [from Forest Suites].”

Lecturer Cornelius Murphy is teaching Entertainment Media in his first course at Lasell and never experienced teaching in Wass or Wolfe. “These classrooms are pretty good, better than some permanent classrooms I’ve taught in,” said Murphy. “I teach a class of about 30 [students] at Southern New Hampshire University in a smaller room than this one.”

Michelle Gasteau, Director of Communications, sent out multiple emails throughout the summer updating students and staff on the progress of construction and implementation of the modular units.

Construction will continue through 2017 and this year’s freshmen and sophomores will receive the full experience of the new structures in coming years.


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