Students, professors adjust to modular classrooms

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

The modular classroom located on Grove Street. The pods will be used until December 2017. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

Students and professors on campus are reacting positively to the new modular classrooms that were installed this year. These modular classrooms, located on Grove Street and Maple Terrace, are temporary substitutes for classrooms lost in the Wass/Wolfe renovation project.

Students have shown a positive outlook on classes held in modulars, despite a little skepticism before the start of the 2016-17 school year. Sophomore James Macey admits he had his doubts before the school year started, but now believes they are just as good as normal classrooms. “It was a really well thought out plan,” Macey said.

In addition to classrooms, the modulars include faculty offices, restrooms, water fountains, and storage rooms.

Daniel Sargeant, Assistant Professor and Chair of Sports Management, has experience teaching classes in similar modulars in Florida. “The technology is actually an improvement over Wolfe,” he said. “The screens were old and the projectors were old.”

Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

He also noticed that the climate control is an improvement over the temperature in the Wass and Wolfe buildings. “We would have to cancel classes because it would get too hot or too cold,” Sargeant said.

While there is much positivity, some minor problems have arisen in the modulars. Sargeant believes that the smaller classroom size makes it more difficult to work in group projects and that the students feel “more cramped.”

Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

“The modular pods are not as bad as I had expected them to be,” said senior Tessa Dinnie. “Although it does make me sad that as a senior I don’t get to learn in the classrooms I’ve grown to love these past three years.”

Sophomore Sara Gaebe recounts an incident where the ceiling tiles were being repaired in one of the Grove modulars that resulted in a metal pole protruding from the ceiling before her class. “My professor evacuated everyone out of the classroom and she called a repairman who came in and looked at it,” said Gaebe.

Diane Parker, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, who also oversees the physical plant of the modulars, said, “We take the safety and security of our students and our faculty and staff very seriously. Hearing about this is important in order for us to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and so we can ensure the safety of our community.” Parker says she plans to include picnic tables and vending machines for next year.

The faculty and staff are excited about the new academic building that will replace the current Wass/Wolfe renovation site.

“I’m optimistic and it’s going to be awesome,” said Sargeant.

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