Dear freshmen, getting involved is key

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts-Editor


Illustration by Amanda Bennett

The buzz at the Student Activities Fair is overwhelming especially when you’re not sure what clubs to get involved with. Perhaps you’re not sure if you should get involved on campus at all. You’re a college student, with a busy schedule, still trying to navigate. Whether you decided to sign up for no clubs at all, or decided to sign up for nine or 10, this is a decision that will affect your college life.

The virtues of joining extracurriculars are numerous. On-campus organizations can connect you with peers who share your interests.  I have made many of my close friends through different clubs and organizations.

Having outlets is healthy and can help you decompress, or intersperse the hours you spend on homework. Clubs can enrich your college experience. Mastering something new, or honing and perfecting your pre-existing talents can supply fulfillment and accomplishment. Campus involvement gives you something exciting for your resumé.

Some clubs allow you to work for causes you believe in or help those in need. What better way is there to make a difference in the world than by starting on your own college campus?

However, like anything else, campus involvement is good in moderation. At the start of my freshman year, I signed up for 10 clubs and attended eight of them religiously. All the while, I was a full-time honors student with a job. I did not sleep. I rarely made it to the dining hall. I spent every moment in class, club meetings, or doing work for one of the two. My friends began to identify me as elusive.

While I enjoyed everything I was doing, the obligations I had taken on were burdening me. I was not able to take care of myself, or devote enough time to the respective activities I participated in. While I do not share this information to frighten anyone, I would strongly suggest students understand their limits when it comes to involvement.

Activities, clubs and other campus involvement make an excellent addition to your experiences as a student at Lasell. I strongly encourage joining those you find interesting without completely filling your schedule. Good luck!


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