“Patriots Day” scene filmed on campus

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts-Editor

A scene from “Patriots Day” was filmed in Rosen Auditorium over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lasell College

Peter Berg’s film “Patriots Day” visited Lasell this past May. The film is set to be released in January 2017, and covers the aftermath of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

The movie focuses on the local Watertown Police Department, who were searching for the person responsible for the bombing. Mark Wahlberg, Melissa Benoist, J.K. Simmons, and Kevin Bacon star in the film.

According to Director of Communications Michelle Gaseau, the college is occasionally contacted by location scouts, and the filming was set up shortly after commencement. The film shoot was held on May 18; and the crew only filmed in Rosen Auditorium.

“They were looking for a classroom setting for the movie where they could film a scene that takes place in a police training classroom,” said Gaseau. Simmons was the focal point of the scene, and plays the role of Watertown Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese.

Gaseau said that the film crew shot in various locations throughout Watertown, including Watertown Square. The crew had requested to shoot in the actual neighborhood where the bomber was found, but were denied because residents were uneasy about the idea.

“From my understanding, they were trying to be as authentic toward the events as possible, without hurting anyone or bothering anybody,” Gaseau said.

Mark Wahlberg stars in “Patriots Day.” Photo courtesy of IMDB

The on-campus set was closed and the crew had strict limitations on photos. The lower level of the Brennan Library was converted into a green room for Simmons. A few administrators were able to catch a glance of the actor sporting police attire.

In the film, Wahlberg plays Sgt. Tommy Saunders as he, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, fellow officers, first responders, investigators, and even survivors try to find and capture the suspects of the horrific bombings.

When asked about the film’s presence at Lasell, Gaseau said  in an email that it was a very positive experience for the college. “Most, if not all, of the administrators think it’s a positive thing to have a Hollywood film crew on campus, and it certainly raises the college’s stature up,” she said.

The crew’s positive experience working with Lasell could bring more location scouts, and potentially more films to the school, according to Gaseau.

As Lasell continues to grow, the college is able to interact with local culture, and various organizations, including those as glamorous as movie stars and directors, according to Gaseau.

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