Students need to hit the polls

By Dana Sutcliffe – 1851 Staff

With the upcoming election looming over us, many young people find themselves feeling anxious about voting. Who do I vote for? I don’t necessarily like anyone running. Should I even vote at all? These are all very common thoughts to have while thinking about the impactful time ahead. 

It’s extremely important our generation starts to vote, whether or not you stand behind a candidate, 100 percent. To the younger generation in the United States, voting has always been something we’ve heard of, or even seen our parents take part in, but now we find ourselves at that forefront. When thinking about the right to vote, we sometimes take it for granted and forget that in other countries they don’t have this right at all.

Perhaps the most important part of voting as a young citizen of the United States is having a say in our future. It’s easy to think your part individually is insignificant, and although it probably won’t be the deciding factor in who is elected, it is important nonetheless.

England recently withdrew from the European Union, known to most as Brexit. According to the Washington Post, 64 percent of people between the ages of 18-24 voted in favor of staying in the Union. Although the end result was not what the majority of the age group had voted for, the importance of going out and showing what you stand for is essential.

It’s important to take in this information while thinking in regards to our own country. If something like this were to happen in the United States, the end result would be very dependent on the amount of votes cast by the younger generation—the ones who would be dealing with the outcome for a longer period of time.

Away from home and wondering how you can vote? Some states offer voter registration online and you can register to vote up to the day of the Presidential election if you arrive in person. If you live far from your home state, sending in an absentee ballot will ensure your vote. The registration deadline for Massachusetts is October 19.

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