Times are a’changing

By Krista Dejulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Change is scary. Change means new, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, intimidating. Change gives us a natural fear whether we knew we had that fear or not. It will happen regardless of who you are and I’m embracing change as it comes. Change in myself is something I have been welcoming for a while now, as in change in my surroundings. Change in general has been good for me, but it hasn’t always been easy.

While I was under the impression I loved and embraced change, I forgot what it was like to be a freshman in college three years ago. Everything I had known for 18 years, four months, three weeks and two days vanished on my first day of college. I was four hours away from home. My best friends I had known for the majority of my life were gone, my parents were gone, my sister, my life. Gone.

This summer I had an internship in Rochester, NY, about an hour and a half west of where I’m from. I didn’t notice the similarity  of my summer away from home and my freshman year until I sat by myself that first night in Rochester listening to some of my college freshman tunes (Vampire Weekend and Walk the Moon were the soundtrack of 2013). I went to college to get an education and I went to Rochester to gain work experience as an intern for “(585) Magazine.” All too similar.

I was thrown into college. I wasn’t eased in. It was not easy for me. I knew no one and I didn’t want to know anyone. That’s how I felt about Rochester. I would joke about the amount of magazines I read within my first week there because I didn’t have a job or any friends besides my roommates, therefore had copious amounts of spare time. But that changed. I got two jobs (and had my internship), explored the city, saw the local hangs, made my roommates do things with me, and saw a few hometown friends while I was there.

My time in Rochester was short, but never to be forgotten. As much as I say I’ve been on my own these past three years in Boston and college, this was the first time I truly lived on my own; paying monthly rent, buying groceries, and attempting to afford gas for my car. I was at an everyday struggle with myself. When is a good time to leave my internship? Am I doing the right thing? Shouldn’t I be saving my money and savoring my last summer vacation before senior year of college? This was the last summer vacation I had followed by the last school year I will ever attend.

I had fun in Rochester even if at times I felt like I was wasting my time and should have been home. I got to see every step of a magazine and I’m grateful for that. A new place and journey comes with a lot of firsts and I love experiencing things for the first time. I ate an omelette, dyed my hair, saw an abandoned subway system, lived with two boys and two cats (honestly it was harder to live with cats than boys), and overall experienced life in a different light. I’m excited for my senior year, to be back to a city I love and to see my friends I have missed and I’m excited (and extremely anxious) to see what I’ll be doing after graduation.


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