A ‘wild world’ for Bastille fans

By Megan Palumbo & Mackenzie Dineen – Sports Editor & Co-Arts Editor

After gracing the music industry with their hit single, “Pompeii,” the British indie-pop band Bastille released a new album this month titled “Wild World.” Their rich vocals, favorable beats, and creative blends of sound “Wild World” is a must listen to for the new school year.

The album begins with their recently famous single, “Good Grief.” This song describes coping with the death of a loved one, based on the lyrics, “What’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it?” As well as, “Oh I’ll be dancing at a funeral.” For a difficult theme, the melody is deceiving and uplifting. “The Currents,” is next on the album, which plays with Bastille’s familiar and alternative melody. Balancing out the playlist, “An Act of Kindness,” is a slower track with a relaxing beat that flows from the speakers. Listeners can relate to the lyrics when thinking about actions they regret. Beginning with sound bits from broadcasted news, “Warmth,” puts the listener back in a

lively mood to jam out. The song illustrates relationship issues and how someone may not know what they have until it’s gone. “Glory,” and “Power,” the next two songs, have echoing harmonies that highlight lead signer Dan Smith’s voice. “Two Evils,” the shortest track on Wild World, is up next. The pace is dreamy and is complimented by soft vocals. Using bits of secondary speeches again, “Send Them Off!” breaks down the concept of letting go of one’s demons.

“Lethargy” remains true to its title with a steady beat, but grows lively after the first verse. Bastille expertly splices clips of other media into their tracks to create a mechanical aesthetic. The tune is nostalgic, yet upbeat, the underlying melancholy disguised by the instrumentals. “Four Walls,” a self-proclaiming ballad, contains a haunting and soft synth. Its sound simulates the feeling of confinement and isolation, which coincides with the lyrical meaning. “Blame,” does not really stand out from the rest, aside from its unique introduction.

“Fake It” begins with a vintage clip of a woman with an American accent. The song was released before “Wild World” dropped, however, it is not a single. The song discusses a relationship in which both parties must ignore problems in order to continue their relationship, because the two still want to be together.

Up next, “Snakes,” the penultimate track on the record, has a cheerful sound. This is yet another example of Smith’s melancholy lyrics being hidden under the guise of happiness. For example, the chorus of the song is, “It’s easier to bury my head in the sand sometimes, I know it’s not the right way to go, but I pray the ground will swallow me whole.”

The final song of the album is titled “Winter of Our Youth.” The song discusses the loss of innocence many experience as they grow older. “Wild World,” is a complex indie-pop album. Although homogeneous at times, the album strives for and achieves depth.

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