Bridget Jones’ new film and baby

By Haleigh Santilli – Co-Arts Editor

Fans of the “Bridget Jones’s Diary” series will be excited to see the third installment “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” which was released on September 16. The film begins much like the first film began—Jones (Renee Zellweger) is sitting in her quaint apartment, on her birth-day, alone, with a cupcake with a single candle, listening to Celine Dion’s “ All by Myself.” But then she decides to change the song up and dance to the 90s hit “ Jump Around.”

Many things have changed since fans last saw Miss Jones, she was happily in love with Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy that is, the dashing and reserved international human rights lawyer. However, 12 years later, the unconventional couple have since broken up, only meeting again after seeing each other at the funeral for Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant), Jones’ former lover and rival of Darcy.

Shook up about her surprise meeting, Jones tries to focus on her work at HardNews (basically a CNN turned Buzzfeed television news station). Her co-worker urges her to get over Darcy, and find someone new to fall for. The best place to do that – a massive music festival. At the festival Jones and Miranda (Sarah Solemani) drink, party, and even get Ed Sheeran to take a picture of them. That’s right a picture of, not with.

While wandering around, Jones also meets Jack, a handsome American billionaire, who runs a dating website based on his algorithms for love. The two have a one-night stand, and never hear from each other, until three months later. Later that same week, Jones attends a christening, where she and Darcy’s hearts are intertwined again. The two have a one-night stand, with only a letter as a goodbye and riddance; until three months later.

Jones soon realizes she is pregnant and has no clue who the father is. Jones tries her best to keep the men from meeting, but after an awkward dinner explaining her situation, the two agree to do what’s best for Jones. While Jack is becoming more dotting, the reserved Darcy, whose heart is in the right place, is constantly called away by work (which was the main cause of his and Jones’s initial breakup).

Throughout the course of the film, there are fall outs, and reminiscing of what went wrongs. Jones and Darcy finally realize, that no matter what their past dictates or what life has thrown at them, they’re meant to be together. However, once they come to this realization, Jones goes into labor.

Fans will love the final installment of the series, for it is exactly the happy ending they’ve been waiting for, especially because the author of the series, Helen Fielding, wrote the screenplay. Most of the original, beloved cast returns, with new edition, Emma Thompson, whose short quips and jabs add to the film’s humor. However, if you have never seen the films before, you may be a little lost within the nostalgia pieces, and the deep connection between the characters, but it is none the less enjoyable.

OH! Who is the father you ask? You’ll just have to see and find out.

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