New breakfast eatery in Back Bay

By Leanne Signoriello & Samantha Plumley – Opinion Editor & 1851 Staff

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but finding a breakfast hot spot that can accommodate the cravings for classic waffles, stacks of pancakes, or an omelette on early mornings (or late nights) out with friends is harder than ever; which is why The Friendly Toast should be added to your bucket list of good eats.

Located just a few blocks from the lively Newbury Street and a short walk from Copley Station, those with a big appetite can easily find The Friendly Toast. However, finding a table may not be as easy as finding the restaurant, expect a long wait to be seated upon arrival. Waiting at the popular restaurant can possibly be avoided by making a reservation through the Nowait app, which gives an estimated wait time, as well as show how many parties are ahead of you.

The eccentrically decorated venue uses vintage-inspired seating as an attempt at a 50s diner vibe. The vibrant green wall and the wacky artwork that looks like treasures one finds at a garage sale, keeping you occupied during the rush of the restaurant. A game of I Spy will commence with the hope of taking in all the interesting pieces.

Omelettes and scrambled eggs are also featured on the menu. The Greek Scramble ($12) turns your favorite salad into a delicious breakfast option, mixing tomatoes, feta cheese, baby spinach, and black olives in a satisfying egg scramble. The Guy Scramble ($12.50) is another vegetarian go-to scramble which features cheddar cheese, avocado, black beans, and fresh salsa.

For someone who shies away from healthy options, the King Cakes ($13.50) are for you. Two pancakes filled with bananas and chocolate chips are stacked with a layer of peanut butter between them and a dollop of whipped cream on top. These pancakes will put a smile on your face and leave you satisfied.

With the restaurant being called The Friendly Toast, you would think that the homemade bread would be the claim to fame. The bread is sold by the loaf, but toast is paired with various dishes. However, the home fries may be the hidden gem of this dining hot spot. The lightly seasoned, thin sliced potatoes are packed with flavor. It is easy to forget about your main dish to fill yourself up on the home fries.

The Friendly Toast is very accommodating to any allergies or dietary restrictions, offering gluten free versions of a number of popular items or vegetarian friendly meat substitutions.

Even though the signature breakfast is served all day, during lunch and dinner hours you can order a variety of soups, sandwiches and other comfort food entrées including tacos or macaroni and cheese. To appeal to college students, the restaurant is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays.

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