Family, friends, alumni come together as one

By Megan Palumbo & Morgan VanWickler – Sports Editor & Junior Art Director 

Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend (FFAW), held October 14 through October 16, featured on and off campus activities, tours, restaurant visits and sports games for Lasers of all ages.

River Day pits families and friends against each other on the Charles River in a fun race for the top prize. Photo by Morgan VanWickler

Fan Fest kicked off FFAW on Friday night. Hosted by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Student Government Association, the event consisted of performances by Pulse Dance Team, Lasell College Cheerleading, and many other arts clubs. Students participated in games such as tug of war and a blindfolded version of musical chairs. Free Laser Pride T-shirts were also thrown into the crowd.


The festivities continued Saturday with off campus events like the Honey Pot Hill Orchards trip, Fenway Park tour, and “Jersey Boys” the musical. For freshman Sarah Buechel and her family, this was not their first FFAW, but the activities offered were new in comparison. “I went to see ‘Jersey Boys.’ [It is] not my style, but pretty good for people who like that,” said Buechel.

Buechel said her family enjoyed the Beer and Chili Fest on campus. Fall Fest filled the area above the soccer field during men’s and women’s soccer games, and many attended field hockey and women’s volleyball as well.

Sunday, the final day of FFAW, was spent on the Charles River for the annual River Day. Family members, students, and alumni were invited to formulate a team, hop into one of Lasell’s wooden canoes, and race each other. Alumna Elaine Ryan (’61) was part of the Lasers for Life team. Ryan reminisced about her time at Lasell, where crew competitions were held between each residential house. “I didn’t come with high expectations, but it turned out great,” said Ryan. She said her and friends enjoyed the trolley ride that traveled around campus and showed off some of Lasell’s new features.

Friends and family members left campus with full stomachs and fond memories, while alumni looked back on their time at Lasell and were impressed at how much the college has grown.

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