Make locker rooms great again

By Nicole Taylor & Michael Bueno – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff

In a locker room, teams become family, legacies are born, and traditions are established. A locker room is a culture and sacred place. It is where athletes shed tears and coaches give motivational speeches. Unfortunately, a Lasell men’s locker room has been neglected and it’s time for Lasell to invest in a fully functional men’s locker room. It is not acceptable to have a classroom serve as a replacement locker room. 

The current men’s locker room consists of 20 lockers, 11 of which have locks on them that have not been opened in quite some time. Clothes have been left unclaimed for weeks without being moved an inch. Not only do our athletes need a locker room for privacy and their belongings but they need a space where they can mentally prepare, motivate themselves and talk strategy.

An improved locker room can also serve as a hub for sport-related events. Clubs and students can hang fliers for team tryouts, pick-up games, and game schedules. The sports community on campus can expand and become stronger.

Lasell is pushing students to live healthier lifestyles but it is difficult for students, especially commuters who have to carry around a duffle bag with nowhere to store it throughout the day. A new locker room would be great for male commuters looking to use the athletic facilities and utilize lockers and showers, that way they do not have to lug around their gym clothes or worry about smelling and being sweaty in class. Resident students could also use the locker room for the same reasons: privacy and hygiene.

It is understandable why the college has yet to do anything about it with the construction of the new academic building going on. Developing a new and improved locker room is not a priority at the moment but it should be the next project the college is willing to tackle. Lasell has been a co-ed school for almost two decades and it is only fair male athletes are provided with a locker room as well.

Until then, the athletes will continue to make do with what they have, but please Lasell, let’s make locker rooms great again.

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