Student kickstarts health initiative

By Leanne Signoriello – Opinion Editor

Lasell’s Connected Learning philosophy continues to inspire students like senior exercise science major Briana Wrubleski. Throughout this semester, Wrubleski has worked closely with the Exercise Science Department and Associate Professor and Program Director of Exercise Science Marisa Hastie to fulfill her internship requirements by introducing the community to the Lasell Health Initiative.

Students practice yoga taught by Professor Maria Hastie on Mondays. Student Briana Wrubleski teaches HIIT on Tuesday and Thursdays. Photo by Jamie McTigue

The Health Initiative is a program designed to better the lifestyles, in regards to physical fitness and overall healthier living for those in the Lasell community. The initiative offers several classes each week including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), yoga, Zumba, cardio sculpt, and a run/walk group session. These classes and events such as hikes at Blue Hills Reservation and an Olympic Lifting Seminar, are open to Lasell students, faculty and Village residents.

“We want to help promote more physical fitness and nutrition-based wellness because we already have a lot of clubs that focus on mental or spiritual health,” said Wrubleski.

Wrubleski’s knowledge and passion for physical and mental health awareness has allowed her to thrive in the planning and development of the program. Since the Lasell Health Initiative is open to more than just Lasell students, it is not considered a club and therefore does not receive funding from the school. The program has been able to succeed due to faculty who have donated both time and money as well as collaboration with other clubs or organizations on campus.

The initiative also works alongside the Exercise Science Club and senior Jess Gaj, Resident Assistant of Briggs House, which is the Health and Wellness housing option for residents. Together Wrubleski and Gaj have collaborated to put on programs focusing on health and wellness for residents, like the upcoming Wellness Week.

“I think [the Health Initiative] is really good for Lasell because I know we’re getting Lasell Village involved, faculty, students and staff. Everyone can participate and it’s good because it helps build a different relationship between student and faculty, faculty and Lasell Village, student and Lasell Village,” said Gaj.

“It has been cool to put my passion and leadership abilities together in order to fulfill the needs required for my internship,” said Wrubleski. “Right now I am doing the Health Initiative for my internship but even if I didn’t need an internship, I would still do it just because I really wanted to see these types of changes on campus.”

Upcoming events include a nutrition workshop on November 3 where registered dietician Karen Jew will assist in giving a presentation on nutrition and how to build a healthy plate while at the dining hall. November 14 through November 18, the Health Initiative and Briggs House will host Wellness Week on campus where a number of health related events and activities are currently being planned.

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