Test optional is the right choice

By Emma Pereira – 1851 Staff

Starting fall 2017, Lasell will adopt a Test Optional Policy.  This means sending in the scores of SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests high school students take each year with an application is not necessary. Personally, this news is refreshing because it eliminates the perception of an individual’s academic ability to be defined by a test.

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

With more than 800 colleges across the country now test optional, including Brandeis University in Waltham and College of Holy Cross in Worcester, according to college.niche.com, Lasell is taking a step in the right direction.

Speaking for the design-oriented and visual learners here at Lasell, I am thrilled the college has joined the trend to distrust standardized test scores.

These exams  can be a misrepresentation of students, not speaking to anything about the individual’s personality, ability to work in groups or how efficient the student is at remembering lengths of information at once.

Given the academic diversity shown in the variety of fields of study offered at Lasell, it is surprising that the college hadn’t already adopted the policy. Better late than never right?

A 2014 research study done at the University of Georgia suggests that schools are not becoming test optional for the benefit of the student’s anxiety or to increase diversity, but to make their student body appear more intelligent, placing their school higher in rankings. The study concluded that students who scored lower on tests that wouldn’t normally apply to an academically rigorous institution, would apply.

With that said, I do not think Lasell had the intent that some larger colleges did when becoming test optional.

I feel Lasell became test optional to make applying even that more appealing to applicants  and take away the anxiety of the application process.

Here at Lasell, the school recognizes there are more components when pursuing great.

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