Field Hockey continues to impress behind strong goalkeeping

By Seán McGlone – News Editor

Field Hockey boasts an 12-6 record this season after defeating Mount Ida in the first round of the GNAC tournament. The team has had strong help from junior goalkeeper, Denise Landry, who was named GNAC Goalkeeper of the Week twice this season.

Landry says she is honored to win the award twice in one season, but wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of her teammates.

“I couldn’t do it without the defense,” said Landry. “Everyone plays their hearts out in front of me and if it gets through them I do my job.”

Landry, a third year starter, has the second highest save percentage (.789) and the second lowest goals against average (1.35) in the GNAC this season. “I think the season’s going really well, said the goalkeeper. “I think our team chemistry is really good this year and we just all play really well together.” After the first round victory, Landry and the team look to continue this success into a potential GNAC championship.

Despite her success on the field, Landry says she didn’t start playing field hockey until her sophomore year of high school. She struggled at first with the rules given her background in ice hockey, which led to her becoming a goalie.

“I kept playing field hockey like you play ice hockey,” she said, “I would kick the ball in front of me or I would use both sides of the stick, so the high school coach got tired of telling me that I couldn’t do all of those things and just handed me a pair of pads and told me to put them on.”

Landry hopes to see more growth in the program and wants to see the team continue to do well on the field.

“My freshman year we only won six games, last year we were just above .500 and then this year we’re currently 12-6, so I mean we’re just continuing to grow and get better as a team, which is nice to see,” said Landry.

Landry will be in goal Wednesday night as the Lasers head to Maine to face the Monks of Saint Joseph’s in the GNAC semifinal.

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