Gulu-Gulu offers a taste of Europe in Salem

By Krista Dejulio & Leanne Signoriello – Co-Editor-in-Chief & Opinion Editor

The history, stories and spookiness is what draws tourists to the quaint town of Salem, but unique shops and eateries like Gulu-Gulu Café are the most memorable and what keep out-of-towners coming back. The cafe is a motley crew of options and experiences. The cafe is located at 247 Essex Street and is open 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. everyday with events five nights a week from open-mic nights and local groups to “drink and draw” art events, all sharing the stage of this hip bar/cafe/eatery.

Gulu-Gulu is located at 247 Essex Street, Salem and is decorated for Halloween. Photo by Krista Dejulio

There are three types of seating: private tables, community seating and, of course, the bar. The wait for community seating can be well over an hour on a busy weekend while waiting for a private table would be even longer. Sitting at a community table gives more of a cozy and welcoming feel to the restaurant. The community table also allows you to get a better view of the savory entrées ordered by those sitting around you.

The two owners named their beloved cafe for a cafe they met at while in Prague and the name is fitting and quirky enough for Salem. The menu offers an assortment of beer on tap and bottled and other various cocktails and wines. Primarily being a cafe, there are also copious amounts of non-alcoholic and caffeinated drinks to choose from. Names such as Crème Brûlée Latte and White Cloud Latte are good indicators of what to expect when ordering at Gulu-Gulu. Taking more than just the name of the cafe from Europe, the food menu is centered around Mediterranean and European flavor with feta cheese, hummus, prosciutto and kielbasa found in many of the dishes.

At times, while dining out, it can be difficult to decide between ordering a delicious coffee or a delectable dessert. However, Gulu-Gulu Café makes that decision easier by offering a variety of dessert-inspired beverages such as the lattes mentioned and a number of other sweet drinks which are found handwritten on the chalkboards that take up the length of the bar.

You’ll find yourself longing for one of the restaurant’s signature sandwiches or sweet lattes long after you leave while immersed in art, good tunes and others alike. Gulu-Gulu Café is worth the drive to Salem.

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