Rugby wins Northern Conference title in NERFU

By James Macey – Contributing Writer

Lasell Rugby finished the regular season 4-1 on what seemed to be a story book season. But Lasell hadn’t even played a game for the first two games of the season due to opposing teams forfeiting.

Captain Nick Lucido (left) gets help in bringing down Curry ball carrier. Photo by Robin Peers

It isn’t easy trying to maintain morale, especially with new players coming into the mix who need a full understanding of the game. “We haven’t played, so of course it will be a bit rough,” fly-half Anthony Padrazzo said after the first two games. “The best way to learn the game is to play, and when we don’t play you only can wonder what kind of position that puts us in.”

Last year’s head coach, Robin Peers, had to move to Phoenix, AZ due to family obligations. With Coach Peers out of the picture, players became skeptical on what could go wrong this season. The team is in the process of hiring a new coach and the timetable is not set. Players looked to team captains Nick Lucido and Hugh Ramirez to carry that leadership role for the time being. “Losing coach Peers was disappointing,” said Lucido. “We miss him and are very happy for him and his family.”

Despite the setbacks, the team stayed optimistic during the season and having a 4-1 regular season record was a good head start for a run at playoffs. “Were ready!” Scrumhalf Nabil Audy said. “We’ve had a lot of time to prepare”. With only 6 seniors leaving from last year, Lasell returned 17 players.

Although undergoing multiple issues the team still fought through the season. “We have a good future ahead of us,” said Captain Hugh Ramirez. “[We’re] looking forward to the rest of the season,” he said before playoffs.

This past weekend Lasell went up to Vermont where they won the Northern Conference in New England Rugby Football Union (NERFU), but came up short in the Championship game on October 30th. However, this marks a milestone in Lasell Rugby history and will hopefully continue a winning tradition.


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