Area Coordinator: newest hire

By Michael Bueno – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s Residential Life team welcomed its newest Area Coordinator, Ashley Holt, on October 4.  Holt will oversee Holt Hall, Arnow Campus Center, Bragdon, and North.

Ashley Holt is the newest hire of Lasell College and is the Area Coordinator of four dorm buildings. Photo by Michael Bueno

Holt, a Massachusetts native, had to overcome the challenge of coming into the area coordinator position mid-semester. Having missed the opportunity to take part in resident assistant training, Holt made it her goal to connect with her staff and students.

Holt works closely with 10 resident assistants and constantly holds one-on-one meetings with each of them. “[My goal] is to bond with my staff, and to be a great resource and supervisor,” she said. Holt also said that another one of her goals is to try to make it to more events, and interact with students.

“I was definitely excited, I felt like I needed to be back in RA life,” said Holt about coming to Lasell. Holt says she likes the staff and the location of Lasell, and says it reminds her of Clark University, where she received her bachelor’s degree.

“Being a new professional is not what I’m used to, I really like it so far,” said Holt. Holt is also working on earning her master’s degree at Northeastern University.

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