Midterms aren’t only for testing

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Midterm week approaches and I find myself in the library, cramming information for the multiple exams I have. I’m tired, stressed, and trying to find a way to make the semester speed up for some courses I’m not too fond of. 

At the end of each semester, it’s highly recommended by professors that students complete a teacher evaluation, explaining your final thoughts on the course as a whole and your comments about the professor’s teaching style. What if there were midterm evaluations too? Adding this ‘to-do’ on my already long list may seem like a hassle now, but it could benefit my student experience in the long run.

According to the Office of Distance Learning at Florida State University, midterm evaluations have a positive impact on courses by highlighting strengths of the learning environment along with areas where students struggled.

Although these evaluations may not be required, it can allow professors to make improvements in the course while there’s still time left in the semester. This is useful for Lasell students, like myself, who are paying a substantial amount of money in tuition.

Websites like Rate My Professors show biased judgments from past students. Extreme opinions about professors often leave me confused on which one to believe, and what professor to choose. I think sites like Rate My Professors will only show the two extreme sides of a professor. No one really comments if they’ve had an “okay” or “average” experience.

With midterm evaluations, students would be able to let their professor know if their teaching style is helping or hurting them. If Lasell offered midterm professor evaluations I would most definitely participate because I know it would improve my learning environment for the rest of the semester.

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