Newman Society aims to educate community

By Tim Kelleher – 1851 Staff

While many college students may not take the time to go to church or practice religion, the Newman Society makes time and works toward defying negative connotations surrounding their beliefs. Sophomores Maggie Haggerty and Mary Fran Hansen of the Newman Society strive to engage students who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.   

Haggerty said she was inspired to be more involved after attending a Catholic high school where she was very involved in extracurriculars. Haggerty says she really enjoyed being a part of these activities and helping others.

The Newman Society has had some ups and downs during the past few years, seeing a dip in participation and membership. Haggerty and Hansen are hoping to revive the club and become more involved in the Lasell community.

The club works primarily with the Church of Saint Bernard Corpus Christi. They try to meet the third Sunday of every month to go to mass and talk about their faith. The club also occasionally holds discussion meetings.

These meetings have a specific topic, often controversial, that invite anyone to come and share their opinion without judgment.

The group hopes to send a message about acceptance and education to the public.

The Newman Society is accepting of people of all races, religions, and political views and the club has no intentions of forcing their views onto others.

The ultimate goal is to give people a firm feeling and understanding about Catholicism, whether it be positive or negative.

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