Sophomore establishes commuters’ club

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

For Lasell students who live off campus, it may be hard to feel included with residential students and on-campus events. Sophomore Edwin Saltus was voted in this year as the new SGA Commuter President and Long Distance Lasers (LDL) President.  His mission is to revitalize the club from past years.

In addition to the traditional commuter lounge socials, the club made an appearance at Fall Fest this past October. “Fall Fest was the only big activity that’s happened outside the commuter lounge premises since I’ve been here. We had a booth during the Family,  Friends and Alumni weekend, I think it went off pretty nicely and it was really fun to put together,” said Saltus.

Commuting from the Fenway area, Saltus knew he’d be a good candidate for the LDL President. He spent a lot of time in the commuter lounge last year with the previous president. Between those encounters and frequently sitting in on meetings, he became very familiar with the process of running the club. “I think it just became natural that I would be the successor at some point along the way,” said Saltus.

“I think being a commuter and being a part of the Long Distance Lasers has formed a lot of friendships because you are such a small group and it’s vital to have people around you who understand what you’re going through and who can also ultimately be your friends,” said junior and club member Haleigh Santilli.

The club is transforming into its highest potential thanks to Saltus’ efforts. Since last semester, the club has increased to five members where in the past there were only one or two.

“We’re definitely improving and I see it getting bigger every semester. So if we keep going on the path that I put it on so far that will be good,” said Saltus.

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