A “Strange” movie hits cinemas

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Whether you love or hate comic books, fans of them were treated when a plethora of their favorite characters were featured in action movies this year. The latest of the superhero film frenzy is Marvel’s fourteenth film, “Doctor Strange.” It tells the tale of a top surgeon who destroys his hands in a car accident and embarks on a journey to heal himself, while learning the hidden arts of magic and mysticism.

Dr. Strang.png
Benedict Cumberbatch (L) stars as Dr. Stephen Strange. Chiwetel Ejiofor (R) stars as Baron Mordo, a sorcerer. Photo Courtesy of IMDb

“Doctor Strange” proves that Marvel Studios still man-ages to deliver fresh ideas in their storytelling and characters. The characters are all brought to life on the big screen with enthusiasm and their own interesting purpose.

Dr. Stephen Strange (played by the charming Benedict Cumberbatch) is an intelligent man who goes through drastic personality changes as he turns from an irresponsible and sarcastic neurosurgeon, into a born leader and promising sorcerer. It’s hard not to compare Strange to the well known Marvel figure Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man.

Cumberbatch’s star performance does not overshadow the wonderful secondary characters. Baron Mordo, (Chiwetel Ejiofor) a fellow sorcerer who may just raise questions about a person’s ethics and morality.

Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, an already controversial decision among the comic book community in terms of diversity and gender. Swinton’s portrayal is drastically different from the Ancient One in the comics, but still provides a remarkable take on the all-powerful character as she shows off interesting twists and secrets of her own.

Just taking a look at the numerous clips released before the film will tell you that Marvel had turned up the special effects. Walls constantly moving, spirits being punched out of bodies, and skyscrapers being turned upside down are only a glimpse of what the film has to offer. The visuals become unpredictable with each scene; I couldn’t even imagine what the film was going to throw at me next. The effects never became old or tiresome either as the film was ending. Each effect was brand new and continuously improved throughout the two-hour flick. It can be compared to “Inception,” but the visuals in “Doctor Strange” are explained in a much different story with stunning results.

Some story elements are expanded upon throughout multiple Marvel movies and can be easily understood by those who read comics. While not giving out spoilers, the film’s plot expands on theories and ideas introduced in other Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) films such as “The Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” “Doctor Strange” turns out to be an important aspect of the past and future of the MCU, and audiences who have never seen any of the other latest Marvel movies, will not fully understand the importance of plot devices seen in the film. Those of you, like myself, who have consistently followed the MCU will fall in love with every aspect of “Doctor Strange.” But, those who have not, will still find a great film to watch, although you may have to do some research in order to follow along.

While Mads Mikkelsen does his best to shine as the main villain, the ‘ultimate baddy’ is revealed closer to the end.

“Doctor Strange” could possibly be one of the best films of the MCU, with an engaging storyline, intriguing characters, and dazzling special effects. It is a worthy film for anyone to see whether they have been a part of the superhero movie trend or not.

The last superhero film of 2016 makes an impressive impact on the superhero genre as a whole. Filled with an all-star cast and excellent plot, combined with mind-bending visuals, general audiences and die-hard Marvel fans will find “Doctor Strange” to be a cinematic beauty to experience.

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