Sutton ends as soccer’s sole senior

By Seán McGlone – News Editor

In his four years as part of the men’s soccer team, Jonathan Sutton has played in 76 games, been a starter for three and a half seasons, and played for a GNAC Championship. One thing was new for him this past season though – he was the only senior on the team.

Marketing student-athlete Jonathan Sutton stands with his family on Senior Day. Sutton was the lone senior on the team this season. Photo by Jackie Colombie

Sutton says being the only senior as well as the only captain on the team motivated him to push himself, especially in practice. “I never want to set a bad example for [my teammates]. I always felt the need to work hard and put my best effort in for these guys,” said Sutton.

Being a captain, Sutton says he learned the importance of approaching each player differently and recognizing that every player has grown up with a different background. He also says as captain he was looking to make the team as much of a family as possible.

Sutton has been playing soccer since he was four years old and before coming to Lasell he played for clubs like South Central Premier, Everton America CT, as well as South Central Premier Academy. During his time playing for Everton, Sutton says he got the opportunity to travel to England and then the Netherlands as a part of the People to People Sports Ambassador Program. In high school, Sutton was named a captain and earned recognition by qualifying for the Connecticut All-State team.

Sutton, a marketing major, says once he graduates he plans to work in the marketing field. “I want to get into marketing and promoting of some sorts, I’m not sure what kind, but you’ll never catch me sitting behind a desk, I’m going to be on my feet creating things, something like that,” he said. He also plans to become a volunteer firefighter for his hometown of Orange, Connecticut as well as a soccer coach.

While Sutton says he will miss playing soccer at Lasell, he has high hopes for the men’s team. “I wish the best of luck for the guys for next year and for Coach Haynes and the program. I really want to see them succeed because I do believe in the pro-gram and I definitely believe that they can dominate and win the GNAC,” said Sutton.

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