Take the time to taste tacos

By Seán McGlone & Leanne Signoriello – News & Opinion Editors

If there is one thing that a college student enjoys more than authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, it’s inexpensive authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. El Pelón Taqueria in Boston meets the criteria that college students are looking for in trying to find delicious and high quality food that won’t hurt your wallet.

El Pelón Taqueria offers an authentic Mexican dining experience almost every college student will love. The two locations are 97 Peterborough Street and 2195 Commonwealth Avenue. Photo by Seán McGlone

This eating hot spot is convenient for students or those who are constantly on the go. The food is prepared fresh, but is served just minutes after ordering, making it easy for anyone with an appetite, but also in a hurry. Each dish is conveniently served in a container that can easily be taken to go if you’re really on the run, or if you’d like to sit down.

While looking out the window of the restaurant, you may be subject to views of Boston College, but it’s hard to not feel like you are dining in a restaurant in Mexico as popular merengue and salsa tunes vibrantly play throughout the place.

El Pelón is wisely decorated with a variety of authentic decor including sugar skulls and license plates from Mexico, capturing the culture to enhance your dining experience.

Authentic Mexican decor lines the walls of El Pelón Taqueria. Photo by Seán McGlone


Prices range from anywhere between $3.95 and $7.95. For our visit we tried the Pollo (Grilled Chicken) Enchilada ($6.50) and the Carne Asada (Grilled Steak) Burrito ($7.50). A variety of sides like rice/ beans ($4.00), chips ($2.50 for a small bag and $5.00 for a large), and corn tortillas ($2.00) are also available, but it may be hard to enjoy a side considering the portions are so filling. Soft drinks, green tea, and lemonade are also available for $2.00 while Mexican Coca-Cola and Jarritos are $2.50.

Both of El Pelón’s locations are conveniently tucked away in bustling parts of Boston. The 97 Peterborough Street location is a quick walk from Fenway Park while the other location is at 2195 Commonwealth Avenue and overlooks Boston College’s campus.

Before you leave you can grab a free El Pelón Taqueria postcard or grab a T-shirt for $15.

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