Small Business Institute Grant Competition

By Armando Machado – 1851 Staff

The Small Business Institute at Lasell has held a grant competition for the past few years with the winners earning up $1000-$2000 for a small business idea. Not only do they receive funding to propel their ideas but the winners receive three months of mentoring and coaching from leading business professionals.

According to Lasell’s website the SBI, “Gives marketing and management undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to serve local small businesses through Connected Learning opportunities. Lasell College students will act as a confidential resource for entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, and small business owners in the areas of training, project management, and consulting.”

This year the competition has been marketed as Lasell College Shark Tank. Along with industry professionals, Professor Reilly and Professor McKinnon will ultimately decide this year’s winners. Junior Tom Pietruczuk is helping out with this year’s marketing campaign. “Last year they only had about 5 people sign up and this year we’re already in double digits. We’re hoping to get more people involved so we can do this again next semester,” he said.

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