Internships to be showcased this fall

By Megan Palumbo & Dana Sutcliffe – Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

The Fall 2016 Connected Learning Symposium will host an internship showcase in the Glow Lounge for students in the communication, hospitality, sports management, and fashion merchandising departments from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Booths will be set up where students from each major can discuss their past internship experiences. Topics include what companies they worked for, the experience they gained, challenges faced and more. Information will also be available for students interested in a spring or summer internship.

Sarah Burrows, Director of Lasell’s Internship Program and Assistant Professor of Communication, is eager to see the presentations, but to also network with students. “I believe that internships are the cornerstone of the Connected Learning experience. It allows students to practice work-integrated learning so come graduation they are prepared,” said Burrows.

Burrows says the communication department oversees an average of 80 to 100 students doing internships each academic year. Students often work with nonprofits and local companies such as NewTV, Cradles to Crayons, Questex, and the American Diabetes Association. Burrows says students often excel when working with these companies.

“Our students are not coffee runners. When they do an internship, they’re doing things like writing web content, actively managing social media, planning events, media alerts, and video/radio production. Students who work for nonprofits do more marketing like making brochures or updating blogs. It’s fascinating to see all the different elements of communication,” said Burrows. Burrows leads COM402, a field experience course, along with an online course for students who complete summer internships.

Senior Tessa Dinnie is currently interning at Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and will be presenting on December 6. “My internship has pushed me out of my comfort zone and [have done] other projects that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom,” Dinnie said.

Alexandrina Tanvuia, Assistant Hospitality professor, will be covering both the Disney Experience Internship program in Orlando and the Las Vegas Internship program at Symposium. Tanvuia believes internships are exciting opportunities for all students, not just the ones focusing on a career in the hospitality industry.

Tanvuia says she will be focusing on showing students what specific skills it takes to be admitted into the programs—only four students a year are accepted into the internship program in Las Vegas, making it highly competitive. Tanvuia will be joined by two students who went through the programs. Tanvuia says she hopes students considering the programs will be inspired by what the past interns have to share.

“I want students to have a borderless view when considering internships. It might be comfortable and convenient to have an internship ten miles away from home, but great opportunities and rewards might be waiting far away from your state border,” Tanvuia says.

Anne Vallely, Assistant Professor of Fashion, will also be showcasing the fashion internship experience. This fall there were 43 seniors enrolled in the Fashion Merchandising/ Fashion Communication internship course.

Just like the communication field, the fashion industry offers students a broad range of internships. Many fashion students are currently interning in product development as well as store operations and management.

Fashion communication students have had internships with magazines and websites monitoring social media, marketing, and visual merchandising.

“In addition to our ongoing industry relationships each year, we are able to add new companies to our list of internship opportunities,” said Vallely. “This semester employers include Tesla, Boston Magazine, Alex and Ani, CERI Boutique, Ame & Lulu, TJX Corporation,  UsTrendy, The Anthem Group, Denise Hajjar, TESstylist, Plato’s Closet, Club Monaco, and  Marshalls.”

Students of Assistant Professor of Sports Management Janice Savitz will also be presenting a booth for sports management majors looking for an internship and was unavailable for comment.

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