Symposium has value

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many people I know use Symposium as a day to catch up on work, on sleep, go out with friends the night before (and I have too) but I know Symposium day is worth much more. It’s not only a time to catch up on work, sleep, and relax, but a day for your friends and classmates to showcase what they’ve been learning during the semester. Finals week is around the corner and we want to go out and have one last hurrah, but there’s still a lot to do before we can have our fun. Presenting our work at symposium is one of those obligations.

By the end of the semester, you would think I would be done with school, homework, stress, group projects, internships, and sleepless nights. But I never am. I look forward to Symposium as a day off and as a day to look at all of the amazing projects my friends and classmates have been working on all semester.

While many of my peers and classmates have expressed their disinterest in Symposium, I find the day very useful and beneficial. The biannual Symposium happens twice a school year, at the end of each semester, to showcase the talent and teachings students and classes have gathered by the end of the semester. I have watched my friends present on their capstones and their internships, and my little heart wells up inside like a proud parent watching them talk about what they know best.

Many professors will have the best group in the class present their final project even though students dread having this responsibility of presenting again and being forced from their bed when there is technically no school. I have only presented at Symposium three times and my sophomore year I even found myself wanting to present on my Media Ethics project. This is because I was proud of the outcome of my project and felt knowledgeable to talk about it again, this time in front of a bigger audience who would ask different questions.

Lasell takes pride in its Connected Learning philosophy and Symposium is the first step in doing just that. Students showcase their work and how it connects to the real world and their future. So this Symposium, don’t take advantage of the day as a day off, but take advantage of the day as a day of learning and to further your understanding of different topics and programs here at Lasell. Future athletic trainers will be testing blood pressure while journalists from The 1851 Chronicle and Polished showcase their writing while many more show what they know. We are all in pursuit of great and Symposium shows us showcase it.

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