News Briefs

By Aimee Forman, Kaley Chamberlain & Lane Sulker – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s marijuana policy not changed by Massachusetts law

Massachusetts’ new law regarding the use of marijuana recreationally went into effect on December 15, 2016. However, according to an email sent by Vice President of Student Affairs Diane Austin on January 5, Lasell still prohibits the use of marijuana even if a student is 21 or older, which is the new legal age for recreational use. This is because Lasell receives federal funding and therefore must abide by federal law, according to Austin. Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

According to Austin, if a college official were to get a complaint about a student smoking marijuana in their residence hall, there would be consequences such as fines, probation, or both. However, she encourages students to work on those issues by themselves.

Even in wet buildings where students who are 21 or over can legally consume alcohol in their dorms, the marijuana policy will still be enforced.

Sodexo makes changes for the new semester

Sodexo recently made several changes in dining services for this semester. According to General Manager Mairead Van Heest, this past semester students complained they did not have enough time to get lunch when their classes were in Grove, even with the Take 3 option at the Glow Lounge.  To help resolve this issue, they instituted a Take 3 at Einstein’s, and extended the dining hall’s lunch hours of operation until 2:30 p.m.

Changes also include new daily specials and new preparation stations. The Fuse Station is now a gluten free station. Located next to the vegetarian section, there is now a sauté station for both vegetarians and “meat-eaters.” The pasta station has been moved to the far right of the Home Station. Also, all food is being served from the back so students have portioned meals and fresher food. “It’s the same food, it is just being prepared and held differently,” said Van Heest.

Student Affairs recently announced the College will submit a request for proposal for management of the dining hall.  “Myself and my team enjoy working with Lasell students and the Lasell community,” said Van Heest. She explained Lasell is looking at other dining hall options because it’s the most efficient business decision and to provide the best service for Lasell.

COMDay speakers announced

On March 7, the Lasell Communication Department will host the fifth-annual Communication Day in de Witt for any Lasell student looking to connect with professionals from the field. The theme, “Streaming Cultures” focuses on diversity and inclusion while the panelists speak about the growing technologies within the industry.

Vice President of ABCNews, Alan Ives was recently announced as the Keynote Speaker from 2-3:15 in de Witt. COMDay co-chair Dr. Janice Barrett said, “Alan Ives’ nephew, Brian Ives, was in my class and asked if his uncle could come speak to the class about his career.” When Barrett found out, she immediately thought of him as the perfect speaker for COMDay.

Dr. Michael Laramee, co-chair, said, “Every year, we get new speakers for students to see real-life models of success.” According to Laramee, the preparation for each COMDay usually takes a full year. Laramee said that the diversity and inclusion theme was selected long before Donald Trump’s election, but stressed that the panelists have been affected by Trump’s recent executive order barring citizens from seven countries from entering the United States.

“I believe that the panelists have seen changes in their industry because of the order and would be more than willing to field questions regarding this issue,” said Laramee.

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