“Patriots Day” film: Too soon?

By Matt Ferris – 1851 Staff

Patriots’ Day has a special place in the heart of the Lasell community. We consider it a day of celebration and a day off from classes. Almost four years ago, however, it was a different story. We remember April 15, 2013 as the day of the Boston Marathon bombings.

This winter, the nation relived the stories of that tragic day when the movie “Patriots Day” was released in theaters. There were mixed feelings on the production of the movie, especially the timing of it, being released just three years after the attack. Is three years really enough time for Bostonians and those affected to have before reliving that disastrous day?

As someone who goes to school just outside of Boston, I am connected to the Boston Marathon. The Lasell community even gets to see the marathon run by campus. Last year I went to the Red Sox game that took place on Patriots Day. After the game, I stood with my friends on Boylston Street and gave high fives to those running. It was a great experience but I was haunted by the tragedy that occurred not too long ago. That’s how much this attack has affected the people of Boston.

I believe if the movie had been a flop and its release was rushed with poor research and without the blessing of the survivors, then I would have to agree that this movie came out too soon. However, I was thoroughly impressed with the accuracy of the film and the input of the victims.

When I go to the movies, at the end I’ve noticed people exiting the theater talking about the movie they just watched. That didn’t happen after this movie. The movie ended, the credits came on, and then people left in silence. That’s how powerful this movie was. It left everyone speechless.

The movie captivated the hearts of everyone in the theater with me. It captured and portrayed the spirit of Bostonians in the truest of light there is. This movie was well-constructed and brought me to tears. Boston is my city and home, and this movie helped show what it means to be a Bostonian and what we stand for.

The events that took place that day were a part of a national tragedy. What people are forgetting is the most important fact, that this was a Boston tragedy. As a Bostonian, I believe this movie was what Boston needed. It gave us the story of the survivors, as well as answers and closure.

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