Refugee discussion educates Village residents, students on immigration

By Tristan Davis & Michael Bueno – Features Editor & Junior Art Director

Lasell Village residents, college faculty, and students filled the Lasell Village Ballroom on Thursday, February 2 to join Dr. Dana Janbek, Associate Professor of Public Relations, and Marc Jacobs, CEO of Jewish Family Service of Metro West for “Syrian Refugees: A Global and Local Perspective.” The event addressed current issues, including the recent travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. The pair talked about Janbek’s research and Jacobs’ efforts on resettlement for refugees. 

“It’s humiliating to have come to this country legally, gone through all the procedures requested by the U.S. government, applied for a visa legally, boarded a flight legally, and got into the country only to be told by a border officer that you’re not welcome. It’s very humiliating. It is in no way, shape, or form in line with what we say America is [known for],” said Janbek in an interview after the discussion.

President Michael Alexander emailed the student body regarding President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban restrictions last week, ensuring students Lasell’s policy with foreign students will not change. “Our Lasell community is enriched by the diversity of perspectives, ideas, and experiences represented by our students, faculty, and scholars from around the world” Alexander wrote.

“Our core curriculum espouses a global perspective, and we are proud of the more than 25 percent of our students who seek to broaden their knowledge through some form of international study,” the email said.

“I think one thing it does accomplice is spreading fear. There is a level of surprise, and a level of uncertainty for the millions of immigrants in the country. What I would love to see is the data that shows that banning people from these seven countries will somehow increase security, I’d love to see that data,” said Janbek.

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