“Don’t Sleep” on Brantley Gilbert’s new album

By Seán McGlone – News Editor

Country star Brantley Gilbert released his newest album “The Devil Don’t Sleep” on January 27. This is Gilbert’s first album since 2014 and features a mix of both the classic Gilbert music fans have come to know along with some new flavor.

Brantley Gilbert released his fourth album on January 27 with the single “The Weekend.” (Photo Courtesy of Billboard)

“Rockin’ Chairs” sets the table for the album, starting off slow before going into full-blown country-rock. The song focuses on the importance of living it up when you’re young and letting “the wild side out to play.” The song offers a new twist on the classic “live while you’re young” mantra.

“The Weekend” was the only single released before the album. The song is an anthem for hanging out and relaxing. It mixes country with a hip-hop sample.

The album moves along to “Way Back,” a song about an ex-lover and reminiscing on old times. The song showcases Gilbert’s songwriting abilities and emotion with lyrics like “Goodbye ain’t never meant a thing,” similar to his lyrics in past songs like “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.” The song is highly emotional, as well as catchy.

“Bullet in a Bonfire” is about standing up to an abuser and describes Gilbert comforting a female friend who is being abused by her boyfriend as he tackles with the urge to fight the abuser. With lines like “I’m a crazy train, son, and you caught up in the tracks,” listeners are reminded of the tough guy mentality Gilbert is known for.

The album for the most part echoes a lot of the same style fans have already heard from Gilbert, however with his poetic lyrics, it’s like hearing it for the first time. Fans will appreciate the times when Gilbert branches out into a new style, like in “Smokin’ Gun,” “Tried to Tell Ya,” and the title track “The Devil Don’t Sleep.”

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