Game staff is working play by play

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

In the midst of basketball season, Lasell’s athletic game staff has been working hard to broadcast games through an online live-stream video. In addition to the live coverage of games, staff members began play-by-play coverage over the video to add a more professional feel when fans are watching online.

Senior James Payne (L), junior Greg Camillone (Center) and sophomore Cameron Brennan (R) live-stream sporting events online with commentary and coverage. 

“I wanted to get into play-by-play because I love sports and the environment that comes with it,” said junior Greg Camillone, one of seven students who broadcasts with play-by-play.

“There’s a play-by-play guy and a color guy. The play-by-play guy tells you what’s happening on the court. The color guy is there to add color to the conversation, and add interesting facts, so it’s not so boring and there’s someone else to talk to,” said junior Tyler Chrisman, who works game staff and is new to the play-by-play team.

“They work off each other. Some people work better together than others based off their level of comfort and social chemistry,” said Chrisman.

There are currently seven game staff members who broadcast their voices over the livestream. Play-by-play has become so successful during basketball season that game staff is hoping to expand to more sports at Lasell.

“The next step for game staff is figuring out all the technical aspects so we can properly broadcast games from different settings,” said Camillone.

“We’ve been talking about doing playby-play for men’s and women’s lacrosse, softball and possibly men’s volleyball. We’re hopefully getting to the point where next year we can get back into it and start covering soccer games right away,” said Chrisman

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