“Workaholics” returns for final season, same hijinks and mess

By Krista Dejulio & Seán McGlone – Co-Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Fan favorites Anders, Adam, and Blake returned to Comedy Central for the seventh and final season of “Workaholics” on January 11. The season starts off with the self-proclaimed “office pranksters” taking over the new worker orientation and firing everyone who they feel is too old in an effort to, as Adam puts it, make it “like Coachella.”

The gang hires a group of three young millennials and begin to teach them ways to pull pranks and have fun in the office. Soon the new group starts going too far and the guys find themselves working with the older generation in the office to stop them.

The second episode features office bad guy and boss, Alice, pushing the guys to sell their new product “Smoke Cutter” whistles. The office then finds out Alice is pushing the product so much because the inventor is her father. Eventually the guys find success selling the whistles, but only with help from their own special additive. While Alice’s father is in the office, Adam starts posing as Alice’s boyfriend, much to Adam’s delight and Alice’s chagrin. Soon Alice finds out how the guys are selling so many of the whistles and they all have to figure out how to keep Alice’s father from finding out.

The new season has the guys bringing the same brand of stoner comedy the three 20-somethings have been producing for the last six seasons. While it’s bittersweet that the show is ending, fans can take solace in this last batch of tomfoolery.

So here’s to “Workaholics” for the same antics and jokes that have been happening for seven seasons, it’s been a blast. We’ll never forget Karl’s wedding (and when he cuts his hair and goes to jail), the indie-rock group Black Keys making a cameo as themselves, Anders being obsessed with swimming, Blake’s great head of hair and Adam being Adam. There’s never going to be a show like “Workaholics” again. There’s “Broad City” and “Key and Peele,” but there’s something about this show that we’ll remember forever.

Thanks for giving us the laughs, making us cringe when talking about “buttholes” and giving us something to binge-watch late at night.

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