Her Australian experience

By Kaley Chamberlain – Contributing Writer

Reflecting on her trip to Australia, 20-year-old Hannah Loynd, a communication student at Lasell, tells us about her experience studying abroad.

On her favorite day in Australia, Hannah Loynd went horseback riding through the mountains. (Photo Courtesy of Shae Laurie)

Q: What made you want to study abroad?

A: I live very close to Lasell, only 30 minutes. I use to be somewhat of a home-body and I wanted this to change. I’ve always been a very independent person but I wanted to become more independent than I already was and I knew studying abroad would give me the opportunity to do so.

Q: What made you choose Bond University in Australia?

A: I chose Australia because it’s not an easy travel and it’s very expensive. Therefore, I knew it was a destination that would be extremely difficult to get to later on in life…I chose Bond because it was a small school, located right on the coast of Australia, and I felt as though [the school’s] communication program was the right fit for me.

Q: How did studying abroad change you?

A: Studying abroad definitely gave me the newfound independence I was looking for. While I was there, I took advantage of everything around me…it not only taught me navigational skills and enhanced my independence, but it also taught me to take advantage of everything around me now that I’m home.

Q: What did living abroad teach you?

A: Living abroad taught me how to take care of myself. While I was there, I got horribly sick with bronchiolar pneumonia and it was the first time in my life that I was sick and my mom wasn’t there to take care of me…despite getting so sick, I almost look at it as a blessing in disguise because I had to learn how to take care of myself and more importantly, ask others for help. It taught me that sometimes you have to lean on others for support and that’s okay.

Q: What were your expectations vs. reality while you traveled?

A: I expected to be at the beach a lot more often than I was. Don’t get me wrong, my school was only a 20 minute bus ride from the beach and I would go as often as I could, however, I did actually study while I studied abroad. I only had school three days a week but sometimes I had enough work that carried into the rest of my days off as well.

Q: What was a typical day in Australia like?

A: Every day was different. One day I could wake up and go to class, another day I could wake up and meet my friends at Pac Fair (the mall) or the beach. Another day I could wake up to take a taxi to the airport and get on a plane to New Zealand.

Q: Being a communication major, how has this experience changed your communication skills?

A: It’s made me a stronger communicator because I’ve met and spoke with people from all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, France, Holland, Germany and Bali — I communicated with people from all different backgrounds and this taught me patience, understanding and how to develop strong connections.

Q: What advice would you give other students who are thinking about studying abroad?

A: Save as much money as you can and work hard for it. I know those 60-hour work weeks are hard and while it’s happening, you’ll question yourself – is it even worth it? It’s worth it.

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