Dear employers: Interns want more

By Tristan Davis – Features Editor

It’s an icy Monday morning in the middle of February, and I’m walking across the snow-covered turf to the Woodland T stop. I’m currently in the middle of my second internship, both of which are Boston-based work sites and require an hour-long commute from campus. I load some more money onto my Charlie Card and hop on the train. An elderly woman gets on at the next stop and I offer her my seat. It’s day number 75 as an unpaid communication intern.

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

I know how I sound. As college students, we’re given the option of what we want to study at school and communication students seldom get paid internships. What we receive instead is wonderful hands-on experience and direction from those working jobs we dream about having one day. We pay for classes, amenities, and the college experience. Unfortunately, the college experience doesn’t always conclude with a secure job doing what we love.

Maybe it’s because I’m a senior graduating in two months. Maybe I’m grumpy because this is my second semester interning for free and I’m growing tired of doing the grunt work that needs to be done before I tackle bigger and better assignments.

Am I wrong in saying that after two separate semesters of interning and working hard (many interns are also athletes and devote their extra time to additional on-campus jobs) maybe I’ve earned myself a secure few months following graduation? 

I’ve rewritten this piece a couple of times now. I caught myself halfway down the page complaining, sounding irritable, and whining about the post-graduation job I don’t have yet.

I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve received and believe it may not have come if I hadn’t chose Lasell, but at what point does experience come at a costly price?

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  1. Maybe you should have gone to Northeastern…they have a wonderful co-op program…they are paid co-ops!

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