Job fair deserves more attendance

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Cassidy Murray – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

Students attend Lasell with hopes of landing an internship while in school or a job upon graduation. The annual job and internship fair helps students connect with professional organizations to make this hope a reality. March 7 marked the third annual fair – welcoming 42 organizations, some who have not attended before, to host tables in the Athletic Center. Students of all classes could speak with various organizations about positions they have available and any advice they have to offer.

DSC_1787-2 (1)
Junior Taylor Tiezzi speaks with a potential employer at the job and internship fair on March 7. Photo by Michael Bueno

The organizations who attend are mostly local and must have opportunities on hand according to Director of Career Services Donnell Turner. The fair is planned over the summer by members of career services such as career counselors Jessica Orlando, Rachel Mansolillo and Donnell Turner. They reach out to organizations as well as professors and alumni of the college to see what opportunities lie in what fields.

The goal for the coming years is to provide students with a wider variety of organizations in different majors to satisfy more students’ interests, according to Turner. “We would love if students would send in recommendations or suggestions on what companies to reach out to,” Turner said. “We [also] want to do a better job of tracking information on students who got a position out of the fair.”

The feedback career services currently receives from students is the survey information, however all students that attend the event fill out the survey.

Senior Emma Graley attended the fair for the first time this year. “I think it is really beneficial. I find it successful because they have various companies and retailers that cover all types of majors,” she said.

However, she would like to see better attendance. “I think for underclassmen it’s not a priority, but I would like to see more students taking advantage of it. I think [Lasell] does a good job of promoting it.”

Juniors Taylor Tiezzi and Brianna Tata had some of the same feelings. Both students agreed that not enough underclassmen were taking advantage of the opportunity. Tiezzi made a point that the opportunity to talk to companies about jobs is “intimidating and makes you realize how close you are to the real world.”

“I was nervous at first but after I talked to a table I got more excited to get into it and go search for jobs and opportunities,” Tata said. “People shouldn’t be too scared to talk to the booths because they are looking for us just as much or maybe even more than we are looking for them.”

All three students said that the fair was well promoted and executed, but improvements could be made. They would like to see some more well-known companies at the fair as well as more students. “I think advisers need to give students more guidance and they need to pressure you [to attend,]” Tata said.

The students suggested this could be used as an assignment in some classes.

In the fair’s three years, some students who have attended the fair have received opportunities and interviews which led to job or internship offers, according to Turner.

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