New club helps to end hunger

By Dana Sutcliffe – 1851 Staff

The Empty Bowls Club, led by Professor Deborah Baldizar, is Lasell’s take on the popular Empty Bowls Project, an international project geared towards raising money and awareness to combat hunger. Artists involved in this project create and donate their handmade ceramic bowls, which will eventually be featured at events where they are used to serve food. 

Cailin Flannery (L) and Megan Palumbo (R) work on clay bowls for the Empty Bowls Club. Photo Courtesy of Megan Palumbo

Through this project, people are able to come together as a community while still doing something for the greater good of the world. “I went to an Empty Bowls 10 years ago,” said Baldizar, who leads the club on campus as their advisor. “I was so moved by the beauty of the bowls, the positive energy, and the collaboration to help fight hunger.”

The club will be hosting its first event on Friday, March 31 in  de Witt Hall from 6-8 p.m. It will feature all the bowls made by students in the past year. The club will continue to meet every Wednesday after the event to work on creating more bowls for next year’s event. 

“Empty Bowls is all about bringing different clubs and people on campus who may have not met otherwise. We’re doing something great for the residents in Newton who need extra food to support their families,” said senior Kat Browne, Co-President of the club.

The event includes dinner and will feature live music for the students, faculty and general community of Lasell. For a donation of just $10, guests at the event will be able to choose a ceramic bowl made by a Lasell student in the Empty Bowls Club. Guests of the event will be able to not only eat from their bowl, but take it home with them as a constant reminder of the hunger struggle and all the empty bowls around the world. There is a suggested donation for guests who attend the event to help the cause. They can fill their bowl with soup, salad, or bread donated by restaurants in the local Newton area. All proceeds from the night will go to the Centre Street Food Pantry in Newton Centre.

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