Unconstitutional vs. wrong

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor

This is not a case of “read my lips.” President Trump is executing his most promised campaign messages, such as immigration and health care.

Donald Trump has now been the president for two months, and with his wife and business away in NYC, the President’s time in the White House has been busy. President Trump has signed a slew of executive orders that show a conservative advisory team. Out of all the executive orders, the president’s actions on immigration and refugees has stirred the most emotion. 

The first executive order’s implementation was a disaster. No enforcement guidelines were relayed to the TSA, which isn’t acceptable when the president leads the branch of government responsible for enforcement. Trump did not discuss the executive order with his secretary of Homeland Security…the ironic thing is that Secretary Kelly was of the already senate-approved nominees. By not consulting Secretary Kelly, Trump literally did not consult his own experts. He also left out a major clause on Green Card holders which caused great chaos. 

President Trump slightly revised the ban, and, before it took place, two judges blocked critical sections of it, making it ineffective. The President said he “ought to” restore the first.

I do not want to see people refusing to work with (or never judging in favor of) the President just out of spite.  I think these rulings are unusual. A judge at this capacity typically rules within his or her jurisdiction. Additionally, the President does not appoint these judges to make decisions regarding national security.   

Where I may not agree with the order, I do believe it’s constitutional.  If this appeal goes to the US Supreme Court, I think the bench would rule in favor of the president.  The president can ban the entry of “any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States [who] would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,” per the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.  The president would likely pass First Amendment “Free-Exercise” and “Establishment” tests because he did not ban all countries with a primary Muslim population, which means that this is not an all-around “Muslim Ban.”

There are issues to be taken care of and people cannot get stuck in what is called a “liberal bubble.” People need to realize each and every country on this planet has the right to control its boarders. Doing so regulates customs, controls movement of people, quarantines, and most importantly ensures safety.

This country has a boarder problem and terrorism is imminent throughout the world. The US government needs not to pass and create just to repeal and ban. That will accomplish nothing, and will make this country more dangerous.

It is always right to put people first. But it is not wrong to put the country first, too. 

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