“24” back with reboot

By Tyler Hetu – 1851 Staff

A reboot of a Fox favorite, “24: Legacy” follows the same format of its predecessor “24.” The show sticks to a real time set up, with each episode being only one hour in the day, and follows Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), as a former US Army Ranger.  

Carter finds himself in the middle of an attack at his home when a past event in his Army days follows him home. Seeking help from CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), Carter must work with them to prevent a country wide act of terrorism before it is too late.

While the timing of a show revolving around Muslim terrorism is not ideal, it is a good way to flex the super patriotic American muscles that Hollywood loves to show off. As someone who watched the original 24 when it was still on television, I find myself chained to the show by principle of being a fan of the original Keifer Sutherland show.

This show may influence a fear of Muslims due to the show’s main antagonists being Muslim terrorists, but viewers have to keep in mind that this is Hollywood and that Eric Carter will save the day in some way once the season finale comes. Or he won’t. Regardless, there is downsides to the show but there are some definite pluses.

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