Athletics Hall of Fame planned for Lasell

By Cassidy Murray & Lane Sulzer – 1851 Staff

The Lasell Athletic Department recently announced the creation of the Hall of Fame for exceptional student-athletes elected by a committee of appointed committee members. An induction ceremony will occur every two years on Family, Friends and Alumni weekend with a minimum of two members every year and a maximum of five inductees. The committee has invited any Lasell student, alumni, or fan to nominate student-athletes that they deem worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame.  

Lasell has been a member of the NCAA for almost 20 years and the idea of a Hall of Fame has been a long time coming. This year, Athletic Director Kristy Walter thought it was time to give recognition to deserving athletes and teams. “We have a legacy of programs, we have enough history and I kind of felt like it was time,” said Walter.

The Assistant Director of Athletics and member of the selection committee, Todd Montana said, “The Hall of Fame will help recognize our athletic program for the great things that happen here.”

Lasell’s Sport Information Director Emily Machado and Montana noted teams that are more popular at Lasell will be more represented within the Hall of Fame, and agreed that rugby will not be recognized because the Hall of Fame is strictly for varsity sports.

Nominees should have graduated at least five years prior to nomination, made significant accomplishments, been recognized by the conference, regionally, or nationally, helped their team to success, or overall made a credible contribution to the program. There will be different categories inductees can fall under such as individual, team, administrator/coach, and honorary member.

“We are still looking for a place to put the Hall of Fame, but the digital collection will be a prominent source of information,” said Machado. Machado mentioned teams that succeeded on a national or regional level could be honored in the Hall of Fame such as the 2012-13 Women’s Soccer Team, the first team to advance to the second round of the national tournament.

“I think that some of the alumni think that it’s a good thing and they want to reconnect. I think that it’s a nice way to get alumni connected, and reminds them of what they did,” said Walter.

The Hall of Fame committee has been posting on social media about the program which reaches to all different alumni and current students. Other ways the committee has made the creation of the Hall of Fame known is setting up a table outside of the dining hall for everyone to read an article on the Lasell Athletics website (, posters throughout campus, and added a picture to the loop of sport schedules on the TV in the Athletic Center.

As of now, there have been 17 athletes nominated for induction that the committee will discuss and come to unanimous decision for selection. On March 20, the entire committee met to discuss criteria for induction as well as the nominations at large. There are still a lot of details to be worked out, but the Hall of Fame committee, alumni, and current students are excited for this new addition to the athletics program.

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