Ed Sheeran shows us how to “Divide”

By Haleigh Santilli – 1851 Staff

One of the music industry’s favorite redheads, Ed Sheeran, is back with new music after being on hiatus for more than a year.  Sheeran posted a video about his return to music at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. It was a New Year’s gift to all of his fans. Two singles, “Shape of You,” and “Castle on the Hill,” were dropped days later. After much anticipation from fans and listeners alike, the album was finally released on March 3, and quickly soared through the charts.  “Divide” has been incredibly successful online and “smashing Spotify’s record for the most streams in a single week with 375 million globally,” According to Ben Sisaro of the New York Times. In true Sheeran style, the songs on the album evoke emotional and a lyrical bliss his fans love him for. 

“Castle on the Hill” is sung from a sentimental stand point, for Sheeran sings about memories of childhood friends and places. The song enchants the listener with its deep and vulnerable context. While “Shape of You” follows more along a tough, pop melody that surely will get the dance moves flowing.  Other songs on the album include “Perfect” and “Supermarket Flowers,” will have listeners drying their tears after they listen to the song.  “Supermarket Flowers” has a gentle, slow tempo, and alludes to a mother passing away. Some had come to believe it was about Sheeran’s own mother, but she is alive and well. According to an interview with Mike Pell for MTV, the song is actually about Sheeran’s grandmother.

“She was in a hospital near my house where I was making the album so I saw her quite a lot while making the album and she passed away while I was in the studio. So that’s my first reaction for anything that happens to me, good or bad, pick up a guitar,” Sheeran said in the interview.

“Perfect,” is bound to be played at every wedding and during every romantic comedy. One of the lyrics is “I’ve met an angel in person/She looks perfect,” come on, you can hear the hearts melting already.

While Sheeran writes many songs for other artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction, songs on the album like “New Man” sounds like something Bieber or Nick Jonas could sing. The album is filled with Sheeran’s flare for those lyrics that touch emotions. A few of the songs sound as if they could have been written to other artists, but instead a refreshing sound for Sheeran.

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