Letter to the Editor: Unconstitutional vs. wrong

By Zach Gray – Former Co-Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2014

The opinion section of The 1851 Chronicle is vital for communication students to air their viewpoints in a constructive and well thought manner. It provides a tremendous learning platform for students, including myself in years prior, to work on writing skills and defending a side in opinion-based topics.

What else makes the opinion section great is it allows readers to engage in conversation and provide feedback, hence my letter to the editor.

Although I am appreciative of Alex’s piece “Unconstitutional vs. wrong” playing devil’s advocate, I do disagree with a number of points. First, President Trump’s travel ban is in fact, based on religious background. Taking 30 seconds to watch his first campaign ad will directly support this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEAJrT8PeOo

The travel ban may not include all Muslim-dominant countries, but research will show the countries he didn’t ban have business interests with Trump and his company, as Forbes pointed out recently: https://www.forbes.com/sites/datadesign/2017/02/01/mapping-president-trumps-travel-ban-vs-his-business-interests-in-muslim-countries/#43e1af114694

Furthermore, not banning Saudi Arabia, where numerous terrorists including Osama Bin Laden were born, is a massive contradiction to his travel ban.

Opposing a travel ban isn’t a “liberal bubble” issue. America is a country of immigrants. If we kept everyone out, Donald Trump’s mother and his current wife would have never stepped foot in the land of the free.

Freedom of the press is a beautiful thing. It allows us to express our opinion and tell the truth. My recommendation for the Chronicle staff is to provide more evidence and supporting information, no matter where you stand on an opinion-based issue. This is why “fake news, alternative facts,” and other erroneous, disconcerting topics have become common place in today’s society (not that this piece or the Chronicle is fake news).

Although Alex’s opinion piece isn’t investigative reporting, it’s important to provide facts, especially in print. Journalism is more important now than ever before, and it is vital for coming generations to grasp the gravity of the First Amendment.

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  1. Hi Zachary: thanks for connecting. I’m glad my op/ed is generating conversation. It is an opinion piece where facts serve a credibility purpose mostly, but I did include some anyway. The “liberal bubble” comment is directed at unconstitutional vs. wrong. The whole idea is around personal opinion vs. law. Too often now a days they are mixed. Don’t forget that President Obama compiled this country list during his administration. Of course I don’t agree with the travel ban, but with my knowledge of government, I’m not convinced it’s unconstitutional. You’re right— freedom of the press is my favorite constitutional protection, hence I work very closely with the paper here, and in a couple public affairs offices. Thanks a lot. AB

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