Men’s lacrosse takes part in White Ribbon Campaign

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

The men’s lacrosse team is once again partaking in the White Ribbon Campaign. This time the team is releasing a video to promote awareness for ending male violence against females. People are encouraged to take part in 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.  

The White Ribbon event was established in 1991 and its main purpose is for men to speak out against physical and sexual violence against women. The men’s lacrosse team has been involved with the event the last two years, but this is the first year the lacrosse team will be spreading the campaign via video.

Head Coach Bill Mason is keen on the whole team participating in this event. “I think lacrosse in general has had a bad reputation,” said Mason, “For us to lead a campaign emphasizing on something that’s kind of taboo is really important for people to see us and playing our game and knowing that off the field, we are great people and we are creating a great image. I want people to know how great these athletes are.”

“The White Ribbon Campaign is incredible. The jump that the team has made from last year to this year is huge. We all really bought into this campaign,” said sophomore Liam Gillis.

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies Karin Raye has been very involved with the men’s lacrosse team over the years to speak out about domestic violence, advocacy, and prevention.

“We love what Professor Raye does on campus for other students that might not be seen. She’s an amazing professor and is always, and I mean always, welcome to helping anyone. We want to help share her message that we’re here on this campus to be the backbone at stopping domestic and sexual assault,” said Gillis.

In years past, the team has played a game in dedication, and has asked students to sign campaign promises in the dining hall and in the Glow Lounge. Mason believes the video will reach out to other schools across the nation to pick up and spread the message on their own. The team as a whole attends meetings and sessions throughout the year to gain more knowledge about the subject manner.

When asked what his favorite part about participating in the White Ribbon Campaign, sophomore Evan Abatiell said “I’d say as a team we can make a difference for the better in our community.”

“I think this has brought our team closer, domestic violence and sexual assault is a very serious issue, and I think all teams should take some time to make this world a better place as best they can,” Mason said.

“The team felt compelled by this issue,” said Raye. “It gave them significant meaning and team bonding and something to stand up for.”

The team’s video is currently being produced and a game in honor of the White Ribbon Campaign was held on Sunday, March 26.

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