Boomer celebrates eighth birthday

By Leanne Signoriello – Opinion Editor 

Photo by Michael Bueno 

On March 24, the Student Alumni Association hosted a birthday party for Lasell mascot Boomer in the Campus Center for members of the Lasell community to attend.

The event was held to commemorate the eighth anniversary of Boomer being selected as the school’s mascot. “Boomer the Torchbearer” was picked as the mascot for Lasell back in 2009 by a selected committee as homage to the founders of Lasell, otherwise known as “boomers,” according to Lasell’s website.

Those in attendance received desserts, goodie bags, and had the opportunity to play carnival games to celebrate during the two-hour event.

Boomer continues to be a part of Lasell’s rich history as the school’s most well-known torchbearer.

Boomer can be seen around campus and at different campus events as the year winds down.

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